About Us

Hello Friends! Welcome to Jesus Lyrics Lyrics Blogs.

This is a blog of the songs of Lord Jesus Christ. And on this blog we upload the lyrics of Jesus, Holysprit , Mother Mary, Bible Songs, Worship Songs and events songs Etc.

Purpose of creating Jesus Lyrics

A lyricist glorifies Lord Jesus by composing his thoughts towards Lord Jesus in the form of a song. And through those songs other people who believe in the Lord also glorify the Lord. Our purpose of creating this blog is that, the lyrics of new songs should be made available to every brother and sister who believe in Lord Jesus. So that they can glorify the Lord Jesus by singing new songs. And get progress in spiritual life.

In Jesus Lyrics Blog, you can get song lyrics in text, PDF and image formats mainly from Hindi, English and other languages of the country.

About Me

Bunifas Dhanwar

Hi i am Bunifas Dhanwar and founder of Jesus Lyrics Blog. I come from a Christian family. I am a resident of Assam. I also like to glorify the Lord by singing new songs. Wherever I go to the meetings, I am very fond of singing songs.

If you have any information or suggestions regarding any subject, you can give us at bunifasdhanwar@gmail.com. We will reply to you in 24 hours. I will try to give you good information on this blog.

Thank You